Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eye Exercises to Protect Your Vision

In addition to reading with bright light, regularly stretching your eye muscles is extremely important in  protecting your vision.

Our eyes are enveloped in muscle, these muscles control eye motion and help them align and focus on objects.

Like other muscles in your body (legs, arms and back), the eye muscles should be stretched regularly. Stretching keeps muscles loose, strong and flexible.

Eye muscles can be stretched simply by moving them slowly in their extreme periphery of motion.  Begin by holding an object (such as a cup) slightly above and in front of your head . While keeping your head still, slowly move the cup in a large circular arc just within range of vision.  Following the cup with your eyes without moving your head.  This will force your eyes out to their furthest outer range of motion.  Slowly arc the cup around to the right then around to the left follow.

We tend to look down far more often than up (while eating, reading, etc....) therefore I tend emphasize upward stretches.

Global Warming

There's a debate on; some people are claiming that not only is the earth heating up, but that human activity (specifically the burning of fossil fuels) is the cause. Others say that there is no evidence of a warming earth and even if there were, burning fossil fuels is not the cause.

It's a heated debate because the stakes are high; global warming has the potential to dangerously affect the lives of millions (if not billions) of people. Melting ice caps and rising seas will threaten coast lines and can further affect famine, mass human migration and war and trillions lost in damage.

The human race has never faced anthing even remotely as critical as global warming (except maybe nuclear weapon profileration).

Common Ground

The debate is on! What do the two sides agreed upon?
  • Each year humans, through the burning of fossil fuels (oil, gasoline, and other gasses), pump billions of tons of green house gasses (carbon dioxide, abc, etc...) into the atmosphere.
  • Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are elevated.

The Debate

What do the two sides disagree upon?
  • Will the elevated carbon dioxide levels cause dangerous climate change?
  • Is human activty the cause of the elevated carbon dioxide levels? Or, more succintly, is global warming man-made?
  • Ice levels going up? or down?

Sides? What sides?

The following companies, corporations, groups, organizations and individuals believe that global warming is primarily caused by human activity:
  • Sierra Club
  • Wallmart
  • Joe Blow
The following companies, corporations, groups, organizations and individuals believe that humans are not responsible for the elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and further even if they were, the elevated levels will not cause much harm and may even have benefits:
  • Exxon
  • Ford Motor company
  • Sam Smith

Friday, July 20, 2012

How Advertising Works

Advertising is a simple affair; there are only two parties involved and each has a critical role:
  1. Advertising companies (stacked with psychologists and behavioral specialists) create commercials.
  2. You (the viewer) watch commercials.

A commercial must do 3 simple things:
  1. Grab and hold your attention.
  2. Convince you that you have a problem.
  3. Show you that their product can solve the problem.

Repeated exposure to commercials will induce two effects:
  1. Depression and discontentment
  2. They are far more likely to buy advertised product over competing products.