Friday, June 8, 2012

A warning to native earthlings

The search for extraterrestrial life is like the native Americans back in 1400's trying to contact Europe.  Could anything have been worse for the native Americans than the arrival of Europeans?

So I buy a mouse to feed my snake. Could not alien life collect humans to feed their pets?  Impossible? I don't think so.  To assume we are the pinnacle of intelligent life pretty much illustrates our ignorance.  We are no different than those native Americans back in 1400.  They had their technology.  We have ours.  There's always someone with better and if they ever arrive here and want our resources or us - look out.

I'm not saying we shouldn't search.  But it may hasten an unwelcome fate.

Why soccer will never be a prime time sport

Soccer will never be a prime time TV sport because it's too hard to see the ball.  Watching football, baseball, basketball and tennis on TV is as good or better than the best seat at the stadium.  But watching soccer on TV is worse than the worst seat at the soccer stadium.  Try it; you're about a million miles from the action.  Why they pan so far out and show the entire team and not focus closer on the player with the ball is beyond me.  Soccer will forever be a second class act until they zoom in.  This also holds true for hockey and lacrosse.